FILAMATIC: Liquid Filling, Capping, and Labeling Solutions 

For over 65 years, Filamatic has provided the widest range of liquid filling capabilities and industry experience while delivering the lowest cost of ownership to our industry partners. We continue to excel in delivering flexible, customized solutions for every stage of your business growth. Whether you require a single machine, intermediate system, or a fully-automated, integrated filling, capping, and labeling solution, we have the experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded.

Whether a handheld single filling machine, a complete Inline filling system, or a fully-automated, integrated Monobloc solution, FILAMATIC will help you find the best solution for your business needs. Our FDA and cGMP manufacturing experience has helped our natural product partners from across industries:

  • Cosmetics

  • Health & Personal care

  • Essential oils & Nutraceuticals

  • Food & Beverage

  • And many more sectors…

Unique Performance. Undeniable Quality. Unrivaled Support.

Go Further, Do More with Filamatic.

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Natural Products
Natural Products

Affordable, Scalable and Sustainable Solutions natural products fillingIn recent years, the Natural Products industry has seen an explosion in demand from consumers around the world wanting environmentally-friendly and healthy products. With an increase in consumer demand comes the necessary increase in the manufacturing and packaging of these natural and organic products. FILAMATIC continues to be a go-to resource for the Natural Products industry.

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Hazardous Environment Containers
Hazardous Environment Containers

Hazardous liquid filling equipment requires long-lasting, durable, and reliable machines to get the job done – fill after fill. The process of filling hazardous materials means you need filling machines that can stand up to the daily rigors of a tough product and environment.

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Industrial Products
Industrial Products

Built for Toughness Our team is well-versed with the stringent requirements of your industry and tough applications that you need your equipment to fulfill. If there is a tough industrial liquid filling application, the FILAMATIC team has helped a business through that challenge. While a good segment of the industrial packaging production (manufacturing & services) have been moved overseas, FILAMATIC remains 100% American made. We have been designing, building, and assembling in Baltimore.

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Contract Packaging Affordable, Flexible with Easy Changeovers
Contract Packaging Affordable, Flexible with Easy Changeovers

FILAMATIC is known throughout the contract packaging industry for its quality equipment and quick, easy-to-changeover times. In contract packaging and laboratory production facilities, frequent application changes and real-time technical support is the name of the game… FILAMATIC gives you that level of service before, during, and after-the-sale to keep you up and running.

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Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage

FILAMATIC has designed liquid filling machines that can package free-flowing products such as teas, wines, spirits to thicker, viscous products such as barbecue sauce, maple syrup, marinades, oils, as well as products with small particulates such as salad dressings.

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E-Cigarette USA Made, Serviced and Quality Equipment
E-Cigarette USA Made, Serviced and Quality Equipment

The E-Cigarette industry needs affordable and quality liquid filling equipment. With over 70 years of liquid filling experience, FILAMATIC gives you the experience and support to tackle some of the industry’s latest requirements creating tough challenges for your business. FILAMATIC is 100% USA made and serviced machinery, using only 100% FDA approved product contact parts. We are proud of our industry partnerships, ‘word-of-mouth’ reputation, quality of equipment, and after-sales support.

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Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Medical & Biotech
Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Medical & Biotech

FILAMATIC is a trusted partner that provides the Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Medical and Biotech industries with visionary design and cutting-edge liquid filling equipment. Fulfilling our founder’s promise to consistently deliver flexible and innovative solutions is what separates FILAMATIC from the rest of the pack.

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Examples of Bench Top Solutions:


AB Series Benchtop Medium Duty Filler

  • Capable of dispensing wide range of fill volumes (.05ml-260ml)

  • Models available for use in hazardous environments

  • Compact design, stainless steel construction.

  • Simple to set-up, operate, clean and changeover

  • 110V operation, compressed air not required for most applications.

Examples of Inline Solutions:


  • Modular design automates DAB-5, DAB-8, and/or AdaptaFil benchtop models

  • Capable of delivering productions rates in the 50+ bottles per minute range

  • Sanitary conveyor lengths available in 8, 10, 12, and 16 feet

  • Programmable controller

  • +/- 1% or better fill accuracy

  • Compatible with Filamatic ProLINE modular system

  • Multiple container indexing options

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Horizontal bottle centering system

Examples of Monobloc Solutions:

MNB-XT High-Speed Monobloc Fill & Finish System

  • Up to 100 containers per minute

  • Highly flexible

  • Bottom-up filling, locate filling and static filling

  • All stainless steel construction

  • Configurable for fill/cap, fill/tip/cap, and fill/stopper/overcap

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