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We specialize in:

  • bottle unscramblers (descramblers)

  • serialization systems and unit-level identification

  • unscramblers with bottle-in-puck placement and depuckers

  • shrinkbundlers and collators

  • stretch banders

  • canister and pouch feeders (for desiccants and oxygen absorbers)

  • secondary orienting packaging systems

  • custom and specialty equipment

Omega Design Corporation is a global provider of innovative packaging solutions focusing on the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and consumer healthcare industries. Since 1969, Omega has specialized in the design, manufacture, service, and support of a broad range of container handling and packaging equipment systems, including bottle unscramblers, bottle-puck handling systems, shrink bundlers, secondary orienters, and canister- and pouch-style desiccant feeders.

Customers, OEMs, and system integrators partner with Omega to implement serialization solutions throughout their packaging lines, from the start through end-of-line. Omega’s proprietary and integrated designs offer customers unique solutions for individual container identification to support initiatives including brite stock (private labeling), container serialization (pharma track and trace), and brand protection.

Omega Design is located in Exton, Pa, which is 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Our facility is fully integrated to provide: product research and development, product line engineering, parts manufacture, machine assembly and testing.

About Omega Desgn

For over 50 years, Omega has provided highly engineered solutions to a variety of industries globally. We look forward to speaking with you directly if you have any questions or need any additional information. World class customer service is our goal and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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