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Step Into Next-Gen Packaging Automation

Interex delivers maximum quality and line productivity. Discover more about our filling, packaging, and inspection offerings:

  • Sterile and Non-Sterile Filling Automation

  • Filling Line Vision Systems

  • End-of-Line Cartoning

  • Pouching

  • Robotic Case Packing

  • Fully Integrated Lines



Pharmaceuticals & Neutraceutical

Interex provides turnkey solutions to maximize pharmaceutical manufacturing efficiency, quality and insights by seamlessly integrating: ​

  • Advanced sterile filling with vision inspection preventing contaminants

  • Automated cartoning and casing optimizing packaging throughput

  • Actionable dataanalytics across equipment for continuous improvements

  • Validated platforms tailored to your operational workflows and line layouts



Food & Consumer Goods

Interex delivers turnkey automation and inspection improving your manufacturing and packaging operations through: 

  • Automated vision systems protecting product quality

  • Optimized case packing and palletizing for throughput

  • Line performance analytics for driving decisions

  • Custom-designed, validated solutions fitting needs


Cosmetics & Skincare

Interex provides flexible turnkey automation enabling cosmetic manufacturers to meet market demands with: 

  • Modular vision systems safeguarding product uniformity

  • Rapid changeover case packing/palletizing adaptable to SKUs

  • Analytics identifying improvements by process and product type

  • Specialized solutions co-designed for your manufacturing goals

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