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AB6 Product Recovery Systems


Industries and Applications

  • Cosmetics, Skincare, and pharmaceutical

  • Wine and Spirits

  • Food and Beverage

  • Chemicals


AB6 Pigging System Advantages

  • Closed system (pig remains in system)

  • Full product recovery

  • Reduction of “waste”

  • “Cleanability”

  • Low/inexpensive maintenance

  • Fast changeover between production runs

  • Allen Bradley or Siemens controls


AB6 Pigging System Characteristics

  • System characteristics

    • Tubing systems w/1.5 D radius elbows

    • Pig: 3 piece polypropylene contoured body w/flexible and replaceable lip seals

    • Polished internally and quality welds or tri-clamp connections

    • Designed for clean in place (CIP) at 90ºC/195ºF and sterilization at 140ºC/285ºF for over an hour.

    • Low pressure (15-30 psi)


Configurations and Options

  • Configurations:

    • Product Displacement and Recovery (PDR)

    • Product Protection, Displacement and Recovery (PPDR)

    • Two pig system

  • Options:

    • Medium and High pressure

    • Seal materials

    • Offset launchers for solids, slurries or special applications

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