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About VMI: The Art of Mixing

VMI Rayneri offers you first-in-class mixing and compounding solutions geared  to cosmetics, pharmaceutical,  and food manufacturers.


VMI products are designed around your process.  Helping you create recipes in the lab and bringing those same recipes out to your production department. Safe, Efficient, Reliable. We have your entire R&D and Production in mind. Open-air and vacuum; laboratory  to large-production  installations.


As VMI's sales representative in the United States and Canadian markets, Interex is  charged with introducing vacuum mixing technologies that have become standards for European liquids manufacturers.

Peek inside  VMI's new facilities. With over 60 years of experience, VMI is not only the leader in mixing technologies but pushes the industry by working hand in hand with you to keep pushing the envelope

​Your all-in-one mixer and emulsifier. VMI's 4th generation of the Turbotest. The EVO brings more power, safety features, and an updated look for 2017.

  • Flexible

    • High shear & low shear

    • Total of 18 families of tools

  • Easy to use and clean

  • Stainless-steel wetted parts

  • Quiet & Efficient

Take your lab mixing to the next level. In 2016, VMI introduced the Multilab. The innovation brings vacuum mixing and emulsifying in a compact package to North American labs like nobody has done before.

  • Bench top 3 liter Vacuum/Pressure

  • Heating/Cooling built-in

  • Top mounted double-agitation with individual speed variation

  • Flexible

    • High shear & low shear

    • Total of 18 families of tools

  • Easy to use and clean

Trimix vacuum mixer. Vessel range 10 to 50 liter configurations.  Take your lab and pilot mixing to the next level. Recipe functions, vacuum powders and liquid directly in the mix, scalable, and easy to use.

  • TRIMIX technology

  • Semi-automatic and full recipe options

  • Optional side melter w/heated transfer hose

  • Heating and cooling built-in

​VMI’s design philosophy is based on repeatability, efficiency, safety, and cleanliness, giving operators full autonomy in the design of innovative recipes ready for production.

  • Consistent: using the recipe system, same results every time for production and cleaning (CIP/SIP)

  • Speed:

    • Short heating and cooling times ( 1C per minute)

    • Efficient ingredient induction

    • 4x's higher vessel turnover (NO recirculating loops)

  • Consistent and validatable cleaning: fast, efficient, lower water requirements.

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