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About R.A Jones:  Packaging automation equipment

R.A Jones (RAJ) is one of the world’s leading providers of primary and secondary packaging machinery to the food, pharmaceutical, dairy and consumer goods industries. The company holds more than 70 worldwide patents across seven machinery brands, covering a wide range of solutions from improving shelf life of fresh meats to efficient filling of pouches, cups and bottles, as well as aerosol production and creative carton construction.  The North American resources include four manufacturing plants and more than 800 US-based staff members.


R.A Jones is part of Coesia, a group of innovation-based, industrial solutions companies, operating globally and head-quartered in Bologna, Italy.

R. A Jones brands include: KatridgPack, Pouch King, Holmatic and more.

About R.A Jones

Learn about the history of R.A JONES and the current technology being offered for primary and secondary packaging solutions in Aerosol, Cartoning, Chub, Cup Filling, MAP, Beverage/Multiplacking, and Pouching.

Vertical Cartoner

The latest R.A Jones Vertical Cartoner builds on our 100 plus years of cartoning experience by combining knowledge and technology into a competitively priced and reliable design. The flexible CMV®-150 cartoner can handle the ever increasing variety of package sizes with the capability to either manually load or automatically load your product into the carton. It's ergonomically designed loading platform, small footprint, and configurable options make this machine the perfect choice for your vertical cartoning application.

Cup Solutions

R.A JONES extends Autoprod’s legacy of quality and performance by introducing the new CF-400 cup filling system. Designed for multiple industries, the Autoprod CF-400 includes various performance enhancing and patent pending technologies engineered to significantly improve OEE.

RAJ PouchKing

Basic Info

  • TECHNOLOGY: Horizontal Flat Pouching

  • INDUSTRY: Food, Tea & Coffee, Beverage

  • SEGMENT: Candies & Gums, Cereals, Salt, Sugar & Spices, Pasta, Noodles & Rice, Snacks, Soup & Stock Cubes, Coffee, Tea, Other Beverage, Other Tea & Coffee

RAJ KartidgePak

The KartridgPak CHX-160 produces low cost chub packages in diameters up to 6.00” [152.4mm] and at speeds up to 160 packages per minute. Designed for smooth continuous motion, the CHX-160 is constructed of stainless steel and anodized/plated metal to provide durability and reliability. In-line clip-forming and application technology reduces packaging costs. This technology is used in the explosives market for chemical emulsions and water gels.

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